Ten Most Common Furnace Maintenance Issues

Basing on numbers created by the Department of Energy (DOE), about 70 per-cent of U.S. houses rely upona heater for their heating and cooling needs. As well-performing as this specific common home appliance may be, certainly there are several common issues that may suspend its operation. Whenever these issues develop, they frequently create a decline in effectiveness and potentially even air quality. Below are the top ten most common heating system repair tasks as well as their causes needing HVAC

Dirty Filters

Failing to clean and/or change out your heater’s air filters will almost certainly lead to obstructions that decrease airflow, forcing the appliance to work harder to circulate warm indoor air. If you have furnace repair problems, call the guys at http://furnacerepairdenver.com. Over time, the problem might even damage the limit switch that regulates the fan.

Wear and Tear

They may be constructed to last, but even the most tough appliance won’t operate permanently. According to COOLING AND HEATING experts, the average heating system ought to provide dependable service for 13-25 years. Toward the high end of that range, many are going to begin to show their years. Air flow issues and even overheating are not at all unusual in older models.


Even though unusual, a central heater could experience an unexpected, unexpected malfunction. This concern is always the effect of advanced age or inadequate upkeep. Routine service from an experienced home heating repair expert should ensure efficient, reliable operation.

Faulty Thermostat

A malfunctioning thermostat frequently triggers problems with the blower or fan, which may negatively impact home comfort levels. The equipment should be inspected by an HVAC expert as quickly as possible.

No Heat

A furnace which does not perform its main function is not always broken. In some circumstances, the problem is either an improper thermostat setting or an issue with the gas or the pilot light.

Insufficient Heat

One of the most typical reason for this problem is a blocked air filter which reduces the airflow in the house. There’s even a possibility that the device is simply not big enough for the space it should serve.

Nonstop Cycling

When a central heater will not quit cycling between “on” and “off” modes, it could suggest a severely clogged air filter or an incorrect thermostat setting. In any case, the issue could quickly be dealt with by a heating repair professional.

The Blower Operates Around the Clock

Since this ought to only run if the heat is on, a blower which runs continuously is in need of immediate consideration. Most of the times, the issue is a defective limit switch which is not allowing the blower get a much-needed break.

Rumbling, Squealing, Rattling

As opposed to popular belief, your central heater should not make a lot of sound when it’s operating. A noisy appliance is most likely suffering from a mechanical issue, airflow issue, or a blocked heating element.

Pilot Issues

A defective pilot or ignition might lead to irregular operation. Most of the times, interruptions are triggered by clogs or thermocouple malfunction.If you encounter any of the aforementioned concerns, get in touch with a home heating repair specialist promptly.